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An Epilogue

Who am I? What am I? What do I do? What do I like? These questions roll into our head when we are asked to describe yourself on the spot. For a lot of people an introduction of themselves or an about me is one of the hardest things to do. It is things like that, that really make us look into our selves. The same goes for these blog posts. All of the choices we had to choose from really makes us ask the question; what do I know about myself?

I do believe by doing this blog it helped me look into who I really am. I couldn’t and probably still cant answer these questions on the spot. These posts made me sit here and look inside to see who I really am. I think I might have actually found some stuff out about me that I didn’t know. This blog hasn’t changed my way I think about the future but instead make me realize that I know I am going in the right direction.

My favorite post would be the “Where I’m From” Poem. Unlike some people, I am actually proud of where I come from. I love the country. I love driving on long roads past fields and farms. I like being spread out instead of knowing my neighbor a little TOO closely. I am proud to say I came from Maiden and that poem let me show you that I am proud.


Dream Car

My dream car or truck so to speak is a F-250. It would be two tone with the main color blue and the bottom black. The black part I would actually probably spay with bed liner along with the front and rear bumper. I would get a 6 inch lift to accommodate for larger tires. The interior would be mainly black with red accents. It would be the year 2000+. I would put LEDs in the gauge cluster and HVAC as well as having LED strips under the dash all the color blue. LED headlights and taillights. Fog lights mounted on a brush guard and smoked cab lights. I would drive it on open country roads all the time and of course take it into the city to have some fun as well! The engine would be a V8 7.3L Turbo Diesel. I would buy it used and then do all these mods on the truck.

The perfect gift would be a perfect memory. It would be perfect because as of right now my memory sucks. Sometimes I cant remember to do homework. I cant always remember stuff we learned in class to use on a test. At home things I need to get done sometimes don’t get done because something else was on my mind. If i had a better memory life would be so much easier. The rest of my school life would be a breeze since I could take in information and always retain it. If I hear a date for something coming up it would be great if I always remembered that date and could get whatever it was, done on time.

People who have influenced me: Dad, grandpa(dads side), grandpa(moms side), grandma(dads side), uncle Pat, Uncle Jody, Pastor Nick.

Places that make me hungry: The mall, buffets, Lincolnton, Hickory, Myrtle Beach, Mooresville

Places I would like to go: California, New York, Italy, Washington DC, Japan

Characteristics I like in people: Honesty, can carry own weight, active, smart, helpful, funny, caring.

Characteristics I dislike in people: Dishonest, lazy, cruel, ignorant, dull, nosy

Things that worry me: College, money, grades, health, what others think of me, remembering really important stuff, waking up on time.

Things I would like to know how to do: Work on more car stuff, land a plane, lose weight really fast, play football, hack a computer, work on computers

Things that have moved me: Seeing soldiers come home to their family, dogs being truly cared for as if it it was the owners own son/daughter, people paying for other peoples meals, having my family there for me, always having dad there to back me up, completely random acts of kindness

Ideas that intrigue me: I will graduate next semester, more fuel efficient car cost more than less efficient cars, you don’t need a boating license to drive a boat, what used to be plain fields, hills, and mountain, are now covered with roads and buildings, a person who plays a professional sport can be paid more than a person that saves a life in an operating room, high school doesnt teach how to live an adult life after college.

My personal favorites: Ford Rangers, pepperoni pizza, Carolina Panthers, Xbox, Call of Duty, Country music, sweet tea

Are You Hungry?

One of my most favorite meals is Sesame Chicken. I like to get it from a Chinese place in Lincolnton called Panda. I order a small with fried rice. I like it when the chicken is more crispy than chewy on the outside. At one point I was eating it several times a week but then ended up getting sick of it. Now I know not to eat it as much so I can enjoy it more. I like to get some every weekend or every other weekend. Sometimes when I am absolutely starving and know I can eat a lot I will order it with Teriyaki beef on a stick. I use to not eat asian food at all but after the past couple of years this meal is surely in my top 10.

My most important advice would be not to think less of yourself. It wont get you anywhere which will make you think worse of yourself. Find a dream and don’t give up on it no matter how hard it will be or how far away it seems. Go beyond what others and yourself think you are capable of doing. Get involved with groups around you don’t just sit in your room by yourself. Focus more on education instead of playing on the computer or xbox for hours on end. Eat good meals instead of junk food all of the time. Ask mom for more home cooked meals instead of eating out so much because you will regret it later on.

A Day in the Life

This will be an examination of a regular school day for Ryan Smith.

The night before Monday morning Ryan had set his alarm clock for 6am. On Sunday night his favorite show came on so he didn’t get to sleep till 11:30. Ryan awoke Monday morning extremely tired and barely able to hold one eye open to look at the clock. He turns the clock off and lays there for a few minutes but the next thing he knows its 6:50. He jumps out of bed, showers, grabs a poptart and water bottle, and gets in his truck to drive to school. 

The bell rings to get to first so Ryan and his friends head to calculus. Ryan hates that this is his first class of the day because its so boring and is barely able to stay away. As the bell for second period rings he gladly jumps out of his seat and heads to English. From this point on his day will get slightly better.  Ryan is happy to get to second period as Ms. Westmoreland is one of his favorite teachers even though he hates English class. He anxiously awaits lunch and when the time finally gets there its the best 30 minutes of the day.

After lunch comes AP Environmental and that goes by pretty fast cause all Ryan can think about is getting to the end of this day. Once 3rd period goes by then hopefully its a Friday so he gets to go to his stargroup fro activity. 4th period is Ryan’s absolute favorite cause he gets to work on a MacBook to create awesome things with awesome software. Since that class is so fun it flys by super fast and before he knows it, its the end of the day. He drive home where he is welcome back b his mom. He gets his homework done, eats dinner, and relaxes before Ryan has to do it all over again the next day.

I will always remember the day I became a part of a group called Aviation Explorers. I had just started realizing that piloting was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I remember waking up early to get to the hickory airport. We had a short meeting about what the club was about then I officially signed up. After that I got my first ride in a small personal airplane. This may have been the greatest feeling ever. Ever since then I knew this was the life I wanted to pursue.

Every wall in my room is green. Ill never forget the day dad and I finally decided to paint it and how happy I was to get it done. My bed is directly across from my TV. I’ve always had it that way for extreme relaxation lol. The most noticeable thing in my room is my huge desk. Its my personal area that says more about me than anything else. It has the perfect amount of work space.  It holds my computer, printer and stereo. All of my “office supplies”, all my yearbooks, and other miscellaneous items are also on the desk. My room as a whole resembles everything that I am. From the lazy side to the scholastic side.

I am a Son: I am the son of Robert and Debbie Smith. I am an only child and loving it every second. The only time I hate being an only child is when there is nothing to do at home and I am stuck at home on the weekends. My goal in life is to get through college for them and make something of myself as their only son. I am the only living being that they can show off so I must always do my best.

I am a Scholar: Its 12th grade and I am now a full honor student. I am taking 3 AP courses and 5 honors classes. I wasn’t like this in 9th grade being I didn’t have a single honors class. I finally realized that I needed to do something with my life so i stepped it up a notch. Now everyday I am trying my best and going above and beyond the average student.

I am a Fanatic: Im not just any fanatic but an aviation fanatic. Ever since i was little I wanted to fly. I loved and still love everything aviation related. My dream is to be able fly my own small plane and maybe even for a big airline. For me its always a great feeling to be in the air. I try going to every airshow because that’s where I am happy.

I am a Grandson: I am my Nana’s favorite. She loves me more than any of my other cousins. I know I am always welcomed there. She will do anything to make sure I am taken care of. I know I can always be fed there(she knows I love her green beans. But now her health is declining. It seems that a lot of the time I am taking care of her now. I accept that and now I will do anything to make sure she is fine. Im returning the favor as her loving grandson.

I am Country: I was born and raised country. I grew up in a house surrounded by fields. Always listening to country music and when I am with my dad we listen to bluegrass. I grew wanting a big truck and im always wearing my boots and jeans with a hat. Spending every weekend working hard. I know I can be labeled as country.

I am a son, scholar, fanatic, grandson, and country.


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